when to start using baby activity mat?

(Last Updated On: October 13, 2021)

There are a lot of benefits of using a baby activity mat. Different colors, sizes, and quality mats are available for your baby. But As parents do you know? When to start using baby activity mat? Or When Do You Need a Playmat?

when to start using baby activity mat

Here is the answer. You can use a baby activity mat from the first day of your baby. But babies of those ages will not understand the difference between the baby activity mat or a regular bed. If the mat feels so soft and suitable for the baby’s sleep, you can use it. But we think you don’t need to buy one especially for the babies of ages 0-60  days. 

when to start using baby activity mat

You should buy an activity mat when your baby is 90 days older. From these days you should practice the tummy time 20-30 minutes in a day and a baby activity mat is a suitable place for the baby to increase the tummy time. Tummy time is placing a baby on his or her stomach when awake. It helps to improve and develop the strong neck, shoulder muscle as well as promote motor skills. So you can realize how important the tummy time is. Using an acuity mat can increase the tummy time of your baby. 

You know that most of the play gym and activity mats have an option of hanging toys. Some of them are removable and some are not. Whatever it is, but the colorful toys help your baby to develop their eyes. As well as they try to catch the toys with their hand which is a good practice of griping. At the age of three to six months, they try to learn a lot of activities, and it is a duty to help them. So at this age, you should use an activity mat. 

when to start using baby activity mat

Some of the baby activity mats have features of toddler ball pits which can be used for toddler also. After the six months or once the baby starts to crawl, they won’t stay on the activity mat and they will try to move on to other toys. So if your activity mat has the options of multiple toys multiple ages it will be a great benefit. 

So we hope you got your answer. If we summarise that you should start using a baby activity when the age of your baby is 90 days or 3 months. 

So the other questions arise: When to stop using baby activity mats? This is a confusing question and there is no direct answer. 

You can use the activity mat until your baby enjoys it. You should try to buy one of them which has multiple features for various ages so that you can use it for a long time. 

From three to six months your baby will love the mat. You will be able to spend time with him or her on the mat. After six months they will try to move other toys. 

when to start using baby activity mat?

Finally, for the answer to the question of when to start using baby activity mat, We can say, a baby activity mat plays a vital role to develop the baby’s neck and shoulder muscle, eye development, and improve their motor skill. We suggest you, buy and start using a soft and durable and colorful baby activity mat when your baby becomes 3 months old. 

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