how to give newborn bath

(Last Updated On: June 13, 2018)

Many people want to take bath after birth. Again many people think that bathing after the haircut or after reading a novel is better. But the rules are that after 48 to 72 hours of birth of healthy, normal children, bathing can be done. Before bathing should not be done.

New born baby bath baby care accessories

To keep the baby clean, a regular bath will be done. Even if there is no frequent shower in the winter. During this time, after childbirth and urine, the baby should be kept very clean.

The person who will take a bath before bathing, his hands should be washed thoroughly with soap. Prepare the hot water for bathing or bathing in a bowl. Once again see that the water is not too hot. Before bathing, open the baby’s clothes and clean it if it is excreted and then the baby will have to take it down to the bath. You can give a slight detel or savlon in the bath water. Keep the matter in mind that the navel should not be soaked.

baby bath baby care accessories

Remember, the child is exposed to water for the first time, so he may feel a little uncomfortable. Many newborns cry during this time. Bring the baby so slowly to the water. Shortly after the child will adapt to water. But if baby cry more then get out of the water. Use less alkaline soap, shampoo made specifically for the baby. When buying soap, take a look at its pH level. This level is below seven good.

baby care accessories baby bath

At the time of bath, the ears, the bulges, the gap between the ears, the back of the ear should be gently rubbed with soft cloth. The first few days you can remove the head with soft cloth without water. The lavatory urine should be washed very well. But always keep in mind that the water does not enter the nose and ears. After completing the bathing ceremony in four to five minutes, immediately put the cloth to the body.

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Towels or clothing should be kept beside the bathtub. After bathing do not go in search of this. Then the child will get cold. She also needs to keep the baby’s clothes covered beforehand. At the end of bathing, you have to be very cautious when taking the baby out of the bath. If you have soap or shampoo in your hands, accidentally causing the child to fall in the slip of the child.

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After bathing, you can give your child good quality lotions. So that the body is sour and refreshing. However, keep in mind that normal lotion will not be given in the body. If you want, you can see the lotion here.

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Actually the entire process of bathing requires uninterrupted attention. So many people do not rush together, do any of the bushing work.

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