how to care newborn baby

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The care of newborn babies, care of newborns, newborn baby drying, newborn baby wrapping, newborn’s dangerous symptoms, which should be done immediately after breathing after birth, if you do not breathe immediately after birth, then do not have to do it immediately. You will know how to care newborn baby in this article.

Since birth, the 28-day-old child is called a new born. Baby care should be taken care of after delivery. For example, with the birth of the baby, giving milk to the shawl, keeping the child warm, the baby can not be bathe immediately after birth, care should be taken for the child.

how to care newborn baby
how to care newborn baby

What to do after childbirth

  • Newborn will be given breast milk.
  • It will keep the stranger warm.
  • A newborn baby will have a bath.
  • Take care of an infant’s baby girl.
  • Newborn haircut will be cut.
  • Take care of the stranger’s eye.
  • Care for newborn baby skin.
  • Immunizations will have to be vaccinated on time.

Negative signs or danger signs should be noticed. After birth, to remove the wet cloth used to dry the child and keep the child warm, keep the clothes in the middle and keep it with the mother’s chest. Mother and baby should be covered with warm clothes and the baby’s head should be covered.

how to care newborn baby
how to care newborn baby

The rules for drying newborns

  • All the body drying, including the baby’s head, immediately drying the stranger. Using a clean, dry cloth, the newborn body must be cleaned properly.
  • Take a piece of clean cloth on the newborn baby.
  • The baby needs to be attached to the body with clothes
  • With the cloth, the baby’s head will be well removed
  • Then the baby’s throat, neck and shoulders should be removed
  • The baby’s chest, stomach, hands will be removed well
  • After the baby’s back should be removed well
  • Then remove the skin from the waist to the palms of the feet
  • In this rule, you have to delete several times from head to foot
  • When the child is born well, the cloth needs to be dropped


The rule of the infant to wrap

  • To clean the baby, you need to take on dry and clean large cotton cloth.
  • Just be aware that some part of the cloth is above the head of the baby’s head and some part of the lower part of the baby’s foot.
  • At first, the upper part of the head cloth will cover of the head, and the shoulder covering the two shoulders of the upper part of the cloth will cover the shoulders.
  • Then the baby’s feet should be covered with an additional part of the baby’s feet.
  • After the child’s body, cover the chest and abdomen with two extra side cloth
  • After complete wrapping, the mother will need to chew newborn to keep it warm

• Helping mother to feed newborn baby with collastrum

how to care newborn baby
how to care newborn baby

Pulse barrier and cut

Three (3) git tough to give birth to newborn babyFirst (1st) Duct binding: First girth will be two fingers away from the child’s stomachSecond (second) diaphragm binding: The second git will be 1 finger away from the first gripThird (3rd) pulse bond: Third grip will be 4 fingers away from second grip[B] In second and third gittles, one finger should be cut away from the second grip, with a new blade or an uninterrupted scissor and nothing can be planted at the base of the pulse.]The following items must be done within 48 hours of childbirth.

  • Clear hygiene after childbirth, there is less immunity to the child, so that the child and child’s habit of cleaning the child’s disease is clean and clean.
  • Temperature control: It is not possible to control the temperature of the small child well, so to protect the newborn from cold, it is necessary to keep it with the dry cloth and keep it with the mother.
  • Only breastfeeding: In just half an hour of birth, the baby should be breastfed only and no food or water can be given without collastrum. After 6 months of birth, the baby should be breastfed only and breastfed for up to 2 years.
  • Birth weight of more than 2500 grams of home care, home care under 2000-2500 gm doctors / health workers, home care under the care of 1500-2000 gram doctors under 2000 gram, will be referred to hospital less than 1500 grams.
how to care newborn baby
how to care newborn baby

Bad traits of newborns

  • Do not breathe after the birth of a newborn baby
  • Newborn baby does not cry soon after birth
  • If the newborn is screwy
  • Having a newborn sensation
  • If the newborn has trouble breathing
  • Increase the heat of the newborn’s body
  • The newborn’s body cools down
  • The newborn’s body becomes yellow in color
  • The newborn baby, the stomach or pus in the navel
  • If there is large reddish-swollen spasms in the skin of the newborn, including blisters or pus
  • Vomiting of a newborn baby
  • In the event that the infant is dismissed or has less development than normal
  • If the newborn does not have weak, irregular tears or weeping
  • Problems with feeding of newborns

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