Diapering Your Baby

There are many ways to diaper your baby, but the most important thing is to make sure that the diaper fits well and does not leak. You will also want to choose a diapers that is comfortable for your baby and easy for you to use. The following is a guide on how to diaper … Read more

Erythema Toxicum

Erythema toxicum is a skin condition that is characterized by a rash. The rash is typically red and raised, and may be accompanied by itching. It usually appears on the face, trunk, and extremities. Erythema toxicum is common in newborns and typically resolves on its own within 2-3 weeks. There is no treatment for erythema … Read more

Fetal Lung Mass

A fetal lung mass is a growth that appears in the lungs of a developing baby. It can be benign (non-cancerous) or malignant (cancerous). Benign masses are usually not cause for concern, as they often go away on their own. Malignant masses, however, can be life-threatening if left untreated. Treatment options for a malignant mass … Read more


Gastroschisis is a birth defect in which the baby’s intestines protrude through a hole in the abdominal wall. The intestines may be partially or completely outside of the body. Gastroschisis occurs when the muscles that make up the abdominal wall do not form properly during pregnancy, resulting in an opening in the abdomen. The opening … Read more

Health Screening Tests

There are a lot of health screening tests that you can get done in order to check for various health conditions. Some of these tests are mandatory, while others are optional. However, even if a test is optional, it is still important to get it done in order to ensure your health and well-being. 6 … Read more

How Vaccines Help (Video)

According to the video, vaccines help by protecting people from diseases. They work by injecting a person with a “dead” or “modified” form of the virus. As that person’s immune system fights off the “dead” virus, the immune system is also preparing to fight the live, or actual, form of the virus. If you are … Read more

I’M Pregnant. How Can I Avoid Having My Baby Early?

If you’re pregnant and hoping to avoid delivering your baby early, there are several things you can do. First and foremost, follow your doctor’s orders. If you have a high-risk pregnancy or develop complications, your doctor may put you on bed rest or prescribe medication to help prevent preterm labor. You should also take steps … Read more

If Your Baby Has a Birth Defect

If your baby has a birth defect, it can be a difficult and emotional time for you and your family. You may feel scared, alone, and unsure of what to do next. But there are many resources available to help you cope with this situation. Here are some things to keep in mind if your … Read more