baby eczema remedies

baby eczema remedies The eye of the child is looking at the skin of the skin? Diseases like eczema are not the only ones that will be older! Do not panic and know how to overcome this problem. Experts say there is nothing to panic at the beginning. 1 out of every 5 children may … Read more

Baby Hair Care Tips

baby hair care - baby care accessories

Baby Hair Care Tips Your Baby’s hair will be finer and more fragile – than yours – however, it looks when grows in. Here we are giving you some tips to baby hair care. Please follow these tips to prevent it from getting too dry or damaged. wash perfectly as needed Under 6 months babies … Read more

how to care newborn baby

how to care newborn baby

The care of newborn babies, care of newborns, newborn baby drying, newborn baby wrapping, newborn’s dangerous symptoms, which should be done immediately after breathing after birth, if you do not breathe immediately after birth, then do not have to do it immediately. You will know how to care newborn baby in this article. Since birth, the … Read more

how to give newborn bath

baby care accessories baby bath

Many people want to take bath after birth. Again many people think that bathing after the haircut or after reading a novel is better. But the rules are that after 48 to 72 hours of birth of healthy, normal children, bathing can be done. Before bathing should not be done. To keep the baby clean, … Read more