Baby care: Which is wrong, which is right

(Last Updated On: October 18, 2020)

Baby care: Which is wrong, which is right?

All parents  want proper care of the baby.  But many of parents make mistakes in the absence of awareness.

After the child birth , give the honey on a child mouth become mouth sweet ?

It is not only wrong, but also dangerous. After birth, the baby will have to give her mother’s first Colostrum. Many people say yellow fluid to drop it. But in this Colostrum baby is the first necessary nutrients. So no newborn can be given honey, sugar water, candy water or potato milk.

Sleeping baby can eat enough while breastfeeding?

In the first six months of birth, the baby will be fed only to mother’s milk. Tin milk can not be given in whole or in part. When the mother goes out, you will be blessed with breast milk. It will not be bottled, but it will be eaten with bowl spoons. So sleeping or awakening – Never give bottle milk to the child. It is not good to practice sourcing to prevent tears of small children.

Baby food should be refined in blender?

If  the child is six months away, give him food at home, not bought cereals from the shop. Do not eat extra rice powder, suji, barley etc. Give all kinds of food, but there is no need to refine in blender. Cooked rice or khichuri, vegetables, fish, pulses and oils will be cooked softly. The eating of prepared foods in Blender prevents the development of children’s skin tone. It’s not okay to force him to feed. It is not okay to feed attention behind the baby after feeding and show TV, playing games. If he gets hungry he will eat. The children are confused when they serve many food items together. Again, just give her the choice of food all the time, that’s not right. There will be no interest in other foods.

Everything from childhood?

Many people become uncomfortable to make the children small enough to be able to do everything (such as books, dance songs, photographs etc.). The games on the mobile phone are surprised and happy to run the iPad. None of this is a good sign. Many parents became more sensitive to manner etc. There is nothing wrong with anything. Many people love the child so much that they abstain from all things. People also keep clothes for wearing or carrying a schoolbag. Daily activities like eating food, shoes and clothing, bagging and carrying bags can help the baby, but don’t do it at all. Teach him to be self-reliant.

Give the child time

Maybe it’s time to keep the baby comfortable. But the children do not really get this ready-made comfort or happiness, that’s your precious time. Communication with them, storytelling, sport will help in its development.  Make him a partner, even while working. For example, the mother can take the child for the home work, the chances are that it will spend a lot of time to give it up. Don’t  be unaffected by putting the baby in front of the TV or playing in the mobile phone.

Baby care: Which is wrong, which is right

Be patient in front of yourself

Instead of answering the questions, the children stopped them, and many others stopped them. Get bored when talking to your guest. That’s not right. In all cases, listen carefully to them. It should not be right to talk, scream, quarrel, or beat or cheat yourself before the child. Abstain from smoking. Never lie in front of the child. Do not flaunt him in comparison with others, because he is less skilled. Praise and encourage children with success Explain to you wrong or wrong, do not punish them.

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